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About Casa de Linos

Casa de Linos is a small family business, based in Greece. The idea behind it was initially born at a Christmas family dinner in 2012 and first it started with just a few sets of bed linens, exclusively made for close friends. As the years went by, our creations were so much loved by people who did not know us and our little business flourished. We are so proud to have been able to create a wide variety of linen bedding and clothes and inspire people around the world from the heart of our little studio to yours!

Why Casa de Linos

Here at Casa de Linos we believe that your linens should be practical, stunning yet eco-friendly. Our main activity is the production of 100% handmade products, made of linen, a natural material which has its roots back to ancient times, while keeping the highest standards of quality for each and every piece of our creations. Thanks to our rich color palette and our professional design skills, we have been able to create products of artistic quality and durability. We invite you to indulge yourself in a casual, carefree style and fall in love with linen.

The production of textile items is a long and complicated process and more often that not it involves the use of chemical substances which are extremely harmful for both our planet and ourselves. Casa de Linos has been certified of using 100% natural materials by Oeko-Tex, as we have been using linen fabrics right from the start. Under no circumstances do we want to burden our planet and exacerbate the current situation. For this reason, we truly believe that making little changes in our every day lives, replacing mass-production clothing and home design items with more natural, healthy products not only will contribute to saving our planet but also making us better people for the future generations.

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Linen creations that have traveled the world.

When we started we never though that our products would reach hundreds of people from around the world. Yet here we are, serving clients from around the globe on daily basis.


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