Why should i prefer linen?

Linen fabrics have not lost their popularity for many centuries; now they are experiencing a new boom. People tend to opt for more natural materials and they choose linen because of all the advantages it has to offer. In addition, this fabric looks very elegant and will fit into any interior: from the usual comfortable apartment in the city center to a small farmhouse. What can be produced from linen? linen towels for the bathroom and kitchen, bed linen, clothes for adults and children, tablecloths, curtains, upholstered furniture and so much more; sky is the limit.

Flax plants are collected by pulling them from the ground to maintain the entire length of the fiber. After collection, the plants are stored in large warehouses for 2-3 months to soften. In the next step, the fibers are combed to remove excess dirt and small or broken fibers.

The process of making linen fabrics is completely natural, so that the products retain the useful properties of the fiber.

The useful properties of Linen

Our ancestors used linen cloth to bandage wounds. Due to its natural properties, flax prevents the growth of bacteria and has an antiseptic effect. During the war, flax bandages were widely used not only because of their bactericidal properties but also because of the durability of the fabric. Quick drying allowed the use of the same dressings many times.

Today, these properties are very useful in everyday life and linen products are gaining more and more popularity.

Linen or cotton?

  • Durability: linen is 30% stronger than cotton.
  • absorbs moisture
  • dries quickly
  • hypoallergenic
  • breathable
  • Linen has a denser structure, through which the products retain their shape.
  • environmentally friendly fabric: linen production requires less water and chemicals.
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